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I would like to let you know that the people you sent to install our bulkhead were exceptional to work with. They arrived at the time they said they would. The were very polite and professional. They continued to work throughout the day even when things did not go as planned. When the bulkhead was finally in, it was raining and they did their best to leave the yard with as little damage as possible, considering the situation. They left us feeling very comfortable that you would indeed fix our yard ASAP. The very next day you were in contact with my husband to assure him it would be fixed. The reason I am writing this letter is because we have had less than perfect experiences with contractors and we have heard many horror stories from friends and family about their bad experiences with contractors. I found it refreshing to deal with a company that really follows through. I would highly recommend your company to any friends, family, and neighbors that were in need of your service. Thank you again, Tricia from Marlborough, MA


Precast concrete bulkheads

Precast concrete bulkheads are available in five sizes: SL (43"), O (60"), B (68"), C (76"), D (84"). Bulkheads are sized depending on the grades. Bulkheads should be measured and sized at 4" above grade. 

Installing a precast concrete bulkhead:

1.   Keep foundation sealer a minimum of 12" from opening

2.   Pour a 4" minimum step in bulkhead opening as shown

3.   Keep a minimum 18" from foundation corner

4.   Roof drainage should be diverted away from bulkhead

5.   Perimeter footing drainage required

6.   Back fill should be clean gravel or sand, well compacted. No construction debris should be used which causes voids in the soil

7.   Width of foundation opening should be 40" max

8.   Footing and walls should be clean and dry, level, plumb, and square

9.   Minimum work area as shown in illustration

10. Provide truck access to within 15' of center of opening

11. How to order:

Determine dimension from top of footing to proposed finished grade; refer to available types and select size to assure top of stairwell will be 2-6" above finished grade.


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