Precast Concrete Bulkheads

We offer precast concrete bulkheads with Gordon doors in six sizes:

Precast Bulkhead C – 76”

For a Printable/Downloadable PDF of the Bulkhead Spec Sheet click here


Determine dimension from top of footing to proposed finished grade. Refer to types available and select size to assure top of stairwell will be 2″ to 6″ above finished grade.  The width of the opening in the foundation should be 40″ or less for all sizes. 

Bulkhead Requirements for installation:

• Keep foundation sealer a minimum of 12” from opening
• Pour a minimum of a 11 1/2 step in bulkhead opening as shown
• Keep a foundation opening a minimum of 18″ from foundation corner
• Roof drainage must be diverted away from bulkhead opening
• properly installed perimeter drainage to daylight required
• Back fill must be clean gravel well compacted
• Top of concrete casting must be a minimum of 2″ above grade. Grade around bulkhead must slope away from foundation.

Minimum work area as shown in illustration

Precast Bulkhead Illustration