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What Our Customers Say

I would like to let you know that the people you sent to install our bulkhead were exceptional to work with. They arrived at the time they said they would. The were very polite and professional. They continued to work throughout the day even when things did not go as planned. When the bulkhead was finally in, it was raining and they did their best to leave the yard with as little damage as possible, considering the situation. They left us feeling very comfortable that you would indeed fix our yard ASAP. The very next day you were in contact with my husband to assure him it would be fixed. The reason I am writing this letter is because we have had less than perfect experiences with contractors and we have heard many horror stories from friends and family about their bad experiences with contractors. I found it refreshing to deal with a company that really follows through. I would highly recommend your company to any friends, family, and neighbors that were in need of your service. Thank you again, Tricia from Marlborough, MA


Precast concrete steps

 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10' wide precast concrete steps are available and sized to accommodate most standard doors, with or without sidelights. Metal railings are available for all precast steps.

Measuring for precast steps

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Here's how to properly measure for a precast concrete step:

Rest the end of a straight board on the threshold and bring it to a level position.

Measure out from the house 42" for a standard platform and 12" per step (tread).

Measure the height to the ground or finished grade at that point.

This measurement determines the size step you need. When an existing condition cannot be altered (such as a walkway) then a smaller step up into the house may be required.

Choose the width that best suits your needs - if railings are required, keep in mind they take up about 4" on each side.

Choose plain concrete or brick-faced


How precast steps are installed

With a poured concrete foundation, an angle iron is bolted to the foundation and the step is then placed on the angle iron and free-floating concrete block.


The concrete hanger is mainly for new construction and eliminates any settling of the step. The hanger is bolted through the foundation wall and is only available in four riser and smaller steps.  Access to the basement and a work area of 42" threshold-to-ground is required for any size step hanger.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT use any salt or chemical de-icers on our products

As with any concrete product, and especially precast concrete, the use of salt or chemicals may cause damage. We recommend only clean, salt-free sand during the winter months. 

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